My Typical Client

Patients typically come to me when they're feeling lost, down, in a rut, self-destructive or confused.  Something may have happened where they realize that they need extra support services or they notice their actions aren't in line with their values.  They feel discontent, grief, sadness, guilt, shame, anxiety or disappointment about something they cannot get past. 

I see this as an opportunity to motivate change.  Although times like this can be painful, they are opportunities to take an introspective look at your life and challenge yourself for growth and healing. Oftentimes, they provide the opportunity to find the balance and serenity you crave. 

Some people don't seek counseling and will continue to feel that they are missing something but may be too stubborn or proud to reach out for help or feel that their issue isn't "big enough" to warrant help.  What they don't realize is how helpful a professional perspective can be and how refreshing it is to have a safe place to share their thoughts. 

To sum this up, each patient seeks counseling for different reasons, but most recognize a need for change. Anyone who is battling with difficulties, past or current, and is open to gaining new strategies to improve their life is a perfect candidate for therapy services.

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