Emotional Support Animal Assessment

Emotional Support Animals

What is an Emotional Support Animal and do I qualify for the assessment? 
An emotional support animal is a pet that provides therapeutic benefit to the owner through companionship and affection.  A licensed therapist may prescribe an ESA to assist with symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, for example.  Emotional support animals can go on planes and qualify to live with you under the Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disability Act IF you meet the criteria to be prescribed.  Please contact me to hear details of the assessment. 

Why have an Emotional Support Animal? 

When going through life transitions or struggling with depression or anxiety, having a pet can be incredibly helpful in feeling the compassion necessary in a difficult time.  Pets can help keep someone accountable and on a schedule as well as being a positive companion.  Pets provide unconditional positive regard which is very healing and helps to foster growth and change when in a trying time.  The reason to designate your pet an emotional support animal is that there are certain living spaces that don't allow pets but it maybe medically necessary for you to keep your pet with you for continuing to stay healthy.   Please contact me for more details on what an ESA is and if you may qualify for one. 

What is the difference between an Emotional Support Animal and a Service Animal? 
A service animal is specifically trained to assist someone with daily tasks where as a emotional support animal provides companionship and affection to its owner, and does not have to pass a test to perform certain tests. Service Animals are only dogs or small horses, where as ESA can be various different animals. 

Are there size limits on ESA animals? 
There is no size limit however; certain airlines are restricting that ESA pets must be either a dog, cat or small horse.  

Can I take an ESA on a plane?
Yes - if the animal is a dog, cat or small horse; you have a certified letter from a licensed mental health professional and you have provided the airline with advanced notice. 

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