Group and Family Therapy

Family Therapy Florida

What is group therapy?

Group therapy happens when a group of participants meet at least once weekly to discuss and process ongoing issues within their lives.  Group therapy is a helpful format because it allows you to feel supported by others in the community rather than feeling alone in your struggle. 

Common myths about group therapy include that it may be "second-rate" or that you will be judged within the group.  However, group therapy is proven to be more effective than individual therapy in the treatment of certain diagnoses. 

Each group is carefully selected to be compatible with the issues of the participants.  A perk of group therapy is that it can be a cost-effective way to obtain long-term therapy. 

What is family therapy?

Family therapy consists of couples or, when part or all of a family, participate in a counseling session with a therapist.  Typically, the family is treated as one client and the issues are addressed together to improve the overall communication and well-being within the system.  

Many individuals who suffer from mental illness or addiction will seek counseling with their families because the individual's actions have affected the whole system. Feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, shame, avoiding or controlling emotions and behaviors can cause conflict within a family. A licensed therapist can help the group re-establish trust through improved communication strategies and education. 

Group therapy for addiction: 

Please contact me today about joining a psychotherapy group focusing on addiction issues.  

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