Can therapy help me?
I always hear how initially doubtful people are to seek therapy and how grateful they feel once they finish their session.  Most people prefer to share and open up about life struggles with someone that isn't in their life to provide a different perspective and to gain problem solving strategies.  The goal of therapy is to process emotional, behavioral, cognitive, relational issues past and present, while improving healthy coping strategies to sustain these changes long term. 

What is CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)?
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a evidence-based treatment exploring thoughts and actions that are contributing to the current life issue.  Simply, we will explore what you're saying to yourself and what you're doing and what you believe about yourself and the world.  Then through therapeutic process and trying some new coping tools, the goal is to change your view and actions contributing to the core issue. CBT is commonly used to treat depression, anxiety and addiction disorders.   There are many articles linked on my Resources page about CBT if you would like to learn further. 

Are sessions confidential? 
Therapy is strictly confidential with very few exceptions.  It provides a safe place for one to share experiences that they may not feel comfortable sharing with people close to them as it provides a non-judgement place to open up to a licensed professional. 

Because of HIPAA, I can not reveal anything discussed in sessions to others unless you sign a consent form for the third party (insurance, other providers, family, friends) to be involved.  There are limitations to HIPPA, which are if you report that you intend to harm yourself or others, or active abuse of an elderly person, disabled person or child. 

Who is your typical patient? 
Typically patients come to me when they're feeling lost, down, in a rut or confused.   Something may have happened where they realize that they need extra support services or they notice their actions aren't in line with their values.  They feel discontent, grief-stricken, sad, guilty, ashamed, anxious or disappointed about something that they can't get past.  

I see this as an opportunity to motivate change.  Although painful, it is an opportunity to take an introspective stance on your life and challenge yourself.  Some people don't seek counseling and will continue to feel that they are missing something but may be too stubborn or proud to reach out for help or feel that their issue isn't "big enough" to get help.  What they don't realize is how helpful it can be to get a professional perspective. It can be refreshing to have a safe place to share thoughts. 

Each patient is unique and seeks counseling for different reasons, but most recognize a need for change. Anyone who is battling with difficulties, past or current, and is open to gaining new strategies to improve their life is a perfect candidate for therapy services.

Can I bring a friend or family member to my session? 
Yes, you can bring a family member, significant other or friend to a session once discussed with me first.  It can be important to bring family and friends to sessions to provide healing or extra information to better assist with therapy.  Anyone that you bring will need to be on consent for me to speak with them during a session which is why it is important that it is discussed prior to bringing the visitor into the session.

Do you have an age limit for clients? 
I have treated clients of all ages, but I specialize in treatment of adolescents and adults.

Do you provide recommendations for psychiatrists or other medical professionals? 
Yes, if I feel that there is a need for additional resources I can provide you a list of colleagues I typically recommend. 

What if i need to cancel a session?
Please inform me at least 24 hours before scheduled appointment to avoid the no-show fee.  You can call or text me to let me know.  

Can I see you and a psychiatrist?
Yes. I will work with your psychiatrist to ensure coordinated and well-rounded treatment. Once you sign a release of information, we will be able to discuss your treatment and your progress and can collaborate together to better help you.


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