Individual Therapy

Therapy can help you resolve traumatic memories. When you find the right therapist, they can help you re-frame your thoughts to manage your depression, anxiety, and more.

What is individual therapy?

Individual therapy is a collaborative approach between client and therapist. Through the partnership, we process core issues, emotions, events, beliefs, behaviors and challenges, in a safe, supportive and honest environment.  It is one of the most commonly sought types of therapy.  Typically, sessions can be structured for 45 minutes or 60 minutes based on needs.  Sessions can be done through an online platform or in person.  

When considering individual psychotherapy, many patient's are unsure if they "really" need it.  I recommended asking yourself the following questions. 

Do you frequently feel lonely or lost in life? 

Do you have trouble connecting with others or feeling like an active participant in life? 

Do you wonder why you feel a void in your life? 

Have you had a hard time dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, grief or guilt? 

Do you feel like things are out of control? 

Some people are better able to cope with events that have occurred in their life however, most of us struggle to process past or current issues and would greatly benefit from individual therapy.  I always hear patients say that they wish they had sought therapy sooner. 

There is no problem or issue too small to seek the help of a professional counselor.  It is a safe, supportive setting to lay out all your inner workings and explore what may be stopping you from reaching your full potential.  Sometimes people seek therapy to help problem-solve relational issues, vocational issues or phase of life barriers.  Of course, individual therapy is a process and it takes time to sort through obstacles that are hindering you from feeling like your most productive and healthy self. 

Feeling depressed, anxious, struggling to make connections, discontentment with life or relationships is very common and it can be helpful to explore these issues and learn healthy mechanisms to better experience life and reach your potential.

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